• Dedicated
      service tailored according to your needs

      A talented and dedicated team of designers
      will cover all aspects from
      the planning through the development up to the assembling
    • Specialized in
      design and development of
      specific furniture

    • From an idea
      to a perfect

      Your suggestions,
      our help…
      an ideal solution for you
    • Specialized
      in the performance
      of complex shapes

      We are especially challenged by
      modern requirements
      for atypical solutions
    • Cutting edge equipment
      is a prerequisite
      for superb results

      Without modern machines
      even the most dedicated team
      is deemed to mediocracy
    • The finishing touch
      is the crown
      of every master peace

      The overall success
      is composed of numerous
      perfect details

Individual approach

The highly qualified and expert team of Unica Design is ready to respond to its clients in finding a technical and conceptual solution for their needs. Each client is approached individually and is offered the latest and technically feasible design, after having carefully listened to the needs and suggestions of the client itself, for the purpose of obtaining at the end, a quality product with a unique design.


Modern methods of manufacturing

The most important and the most significant elements for client satisfaction are the quality and longevity of the products. A quality product is achieved by the use of the latest methods and technologies in the production process. For that purpose Unica Design tends to follow and adopt the latest technologies in the production process and has acquired the most modern machines and equipment.


Ideas and experience!

Unica Design’s team is constantly searching for new ideas. Thanks to the excellent communication and collaboration between the members of the team and in consultation with the client, we achieve our final goal – the most suitable and the best applicable idea. The many years of experience we have behind us contribute to the achievement of a good and quality solution. The numerous projects that we have carried out – in private homes as well as in companies and institutions, both at home and abroad, are a testimony of the vast and rich experience of Unica.


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